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**New** UK tour dates for NEXT WEEK (April 18th-24th)

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Date: Apr 13, 2006 6:53 PM

the superb DEVICS have been chosen as main support to Hope of The
States next UK tour starting next week.

the fabulous Sara Lov and Dustin O'Halloran ( who has just finished
scoring music for Sofia Coppola's new film ) play as a duo for the
first five dates and become a trio on the 24th April when they will be
joined by Simon Raymonde on bass.

Tuesday 18 April - Cardiff Barfly (Cardif, UK )
Wednesday 19 April - Leicester Charlotte (Leicester, UK)
Friday 21 April - Aberdeen Tunnels (Aberdeen, UK)
Saturday 22 April - Newcastle Academy (Newcastle, UK)
Sunday 23 April - York Fibbers (York, UK)
Monday 24 April - London Kings' College (London, UK)

"The finest purveyors of multi-layered gorgeousness since Yo La Tengo
Beautifully complex stuff." NME

The new Sofia Coppola movie mentioned is Marie Antoinette
( as confirmed in
Dustin's March 1st MySpace blog entry:
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